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Then I leave the food overnight for them.” I was shocked.

I had heard of this practice but never knew it was carried on within my family. When Ma died I continued to do it.” Mislet had grown up with Ma.

The daughter of Aunt Elaine, Mislet has lived in the Miami area for the past thirty years or so.

She started the Boston carnival in the 1960s and began to participate in Miami carnival once she got there.

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Mislet had rented a dance hall and had a regular party, kaiso included. After shopping at the American supermarket—that is, a supermarket that primarily sells American foodstuff—she wanted to go to a West Indian supermarket where she could get West Indian supplies, such as Pimento peppers, Spanish thyme, dasheen bush, and pigtail. When we got back to her house, she thanked us and blessed us for coming to see her. She told us she was glad that we had come because she wanted to get the fish.

She said: “That is what he would have wanted.” I couldn’t come to grips with the notion of partying when someone dies even though my cousin Marva swears that when she dies, she wants a calypso sendoff: “You must play Shadow, ‘Dingolay.'” As for me, annually, I pay for my spot in the St. Mislet had lived with our grandmother “Tan Darling” who was 86 years old when she died.

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