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And now optimism is on the rise for a successful TBI stem cell treatment for brain injury being developed in the future.* Adipose stem cells are already changing the face of modern medicine and being used to treat a wide array of injuries and illnesses, including chronic and degenerative conditions like Diabetes and Fibromyalgia.* This particular type of stem cell is not only especially potent, great quantities can be harvested with minimal effort through a small sample taken from the patient’s own fatty stores.

It is a natural and exciting choice in the search for a TBI stem cell treatment.

They are easily accessed and have been found to be a particularly potent type of regenerative stem cell, capable of differentiating into a wide variety of tissues, muscle, bone or cartilage according the body’s needs.

These are exactly the type of stem cells used exclusively at NSI Stem Cell in Florida.

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MAKE AN IMPACT - Too often, traditional research has excluded your voice, the voice that matters most.

Prior to the clinical trials for TBI stem cell therapy, the patient had been incapable of talking beyond simple responses like “yes” or “no”, and found it very difficult to walk.

The news release documents the impressive results of a TBI stem cell therapy using adipose stem cells.

These types of stem cells, also known as adipose-derived stem cells, are found in abundance in the body’s fatty stores of the abdomen, buttocks or thighs.

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A news release about a clinical trial with five people who have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) is causing anticipation in the medical community.

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