Dating a married gemini man

Taurus rules the throat, and many Taurus are well known singers.

Your Challenge ITaurus men often settle into ruts and aren`t known to be too flexible.

" Shave your face slowly--and wait for her reaction .

Aries rules sharp instruments, so watching you wield your razor in such a masterful fashion will send her temperature rising--and could be start the start of a wonderful day for you!

Aries is a fire sign and therefore quite imaginative, born to lead rather than to follow.

Your Challenge To keep up with her, you`ve got to think of some original things to do together--the "same old, same old" will never rate with her.

Aries rules the head, and a bad hair day is no joke for our girl.

Having her hair just right gives her increased self confidence, and by giving her a chic new look, she`s apt to be delighted.

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If you would rather choose something for her that is a bit more sexy, get her a short satin wrap robe with matching demi-bra and tiny thong panties, in her favorite color, bright red.An Aries girl loves uniforms, so let her see you in your Navy dress whites the next time you call on her.If you don`t have an "Officer and an Gentleman" uniform around, any other uniform will do.Aries likes a challenge, so you could tease him a bit when he starts getting bossy, keeping what he wants out of reach until the end of the pursuit.If trying to win an argument, the smart partner of an Aries man will subtly convince him that her ideas are really his ideas.

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