Intimidating people tips

Angling the head slightly to the side shows that you are listening and is sometimes a sign of sympathy.

Tilting the ear toward someone while they’re speaking says “I don’t want to miss a word!

Orienting your palms inward is friendly and inviting, while the reverse shows that you are firm in what you’re saying (especially if your fingers are close together).

Palms down but with spread fingers shows that although you may be firm in your words, you are open to the opinion of others.

Lately, I’ve taken quite an interest in human behavior.

I’ve always enjoyed learning what made people tick but since I began studying anthropology, my interest has favored more towards body language and other means of social interaction. What’s more is that most people do not even know what it is that they are communicating; let alone how to interpret nonverbal cues from other people.

Why are some shorter people so much more intimidating than taller people, whilst in the midst of an argument?This is completely acceptable, so long as you understand what it is that you’re communicating by doing so.The placement of your hands, much like in handshakes, is equally important in everyday conversations.So I thought to myself: “What are the first things that I notice about other people?” The answers that I came up with, and that were supplemented by my readings, are going to be what I focus on for the remainder of this piece.

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