Dating fender telecaster neck

Very few serial numbers were recorded, production numbers were not kept track of, and even in Fenders new Custom Shop department, records of guitars built were nothing more than hand writing on notebook paper.Examples can be seen on JW Blacks website and is confirmed by John Page, both Master builders who worked in the Custom Shop department at the very start.When I started questioning this entry in the data-base at Fender, one employee emailed me and admitted, "Yes, this was something that I added because that is what I was told by people here.I believe that was confused with the Deluxe American Standard model and not in reference to the Strat Plus at that time." So there you have it.) But in fact they never became available till a few months later because of a short supply of certain components and for certain "marketing reasons." I think the earliest I have personal seen was dated late July or early August of 1987. The STRAT PLUS prototype was therefore put together with Jeff beck in mind, hence its yellow finish christened The builder for the very first two Strat Plus guitars was John Page himself.Some of the parts, such as the body and the unfinished neck came off the "line" which means they came out of the same stock the production model American Standard Strats came from.

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(Keep that date in your mind as we move forward with this section! Duchossoir points out, in his book called The company obliged but seized the opportunity to talk Jeff into having a namesake Stratocaster model.

I have received help from a couple Fender employees that worked there for many, many years - one for 34 years in fact.

Couple of these workers are no longer working there.

The model went through a series of changes through the years.

Here's a few little tips to remember to help aid in dating those late 1970s and 1980s Stratocasters: Fender's three-way selector switch was updated to the Stratocaster's 5-way in 1977.

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