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The results are, all the user’s data is kept in the Backblaze cloud and the portion of the data that is synced is also kept in that provider’s cloud – giving the user another layer of redundancy.Best of all, Backblaze will actually back up your Dropbox, i Cloud Drive, Google Drive, and One Drive folders.That’s where cloud backup providers shine, by automatically backing up user data with little or no set-up, and no need for the dragging-and-dropping of files.Backblaze actually scans your hard drive to find all the data, regardless of where it might be hiding.These services typically provide APIs, CLIs, and access points for individuals and developers to tie in their cloud storage offerings directly.These services are priced “per GB” meaning you pay for the amount of storage that you use.

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Backup services typically back up any new or changed data on your computer to another location.

living on the computer’s desktop or anywhere else) are not synced or stored by the service.

What both examples are missing however is the backup of photos, movies, videos, and the rest of the data on their computer.

Users have one folder on their computer that is designated for Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or one of the other syncing/sharing services.

Users save or place data into those directories when they want them to appear on other devices.

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