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Impartiality is the necessary fiction that allows the BBC to exist.A public service broadcaster that didn’t attempt to hold its head above bias would be untenable, and this is why the BBC’s editorial guidelines make it clear that news and current affairs presenters are not to publish their personal views on “controversial subjects”.Her debut novel, The Big Love, is available to read in nineteen languages.Dunn is also the creator and executive producer of the 2016 ABC series, American Housewife.As someone who’s saved potential romantic prospects as “Name/Dating App/ Age and important info” in my phone (haven’t we all?), when I heard about this cabaret-style show, I immediately felt a connection to it.Sarah Dunn is a novelist and television writer whose credits include Spin City (for which she co-wrote Michael J.Fox’s farewell episode) and the critical darling Bunheads, which you would have loved.

When, however much you’d rather not be the object of dispute, you become the frontier in an ideological war?

Like when loyal Starbucks customer Sarah (played by Dunn) professed her love (with song, of course) for “Taylor the latte boy,” an unassuming Starbucks barista (portrayed by Blanchette) who felt more than a bit creeped out by this.

And then Taylor responded with his own song for “Sarah, the stalker chick,” complete with an jaw-droppingly awesome falsetto.

Under that headline, Murray criticised some claims of trans activism (and she was careful to say she was talking about the extreme of the debate): that anyone who identifies as a woman has “always been a woman” no matter the age at which they transition, and that references to the female body should be censored in the interests of inclusion.

interview with Murray that India Willoughby, a former ITV news presenter who transitioned in her 40s, declared that women with unshaved legs are “dirty”.

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