Ampeg svt cabinet dating

And they simply wouldn't be able to respond to transient peaks as quickly as the tens do.The SVT-810E is still manufactured using the same design dating all the way back to 1969.That's why you'll find the SVT-810E on stage with such artists as Chris Squire (Yes), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), John Mc Vie (Fleetwood Mac), and far too many others to list here.I've been playing since 1976, and I'm not dead yet.You’d need five 18” or six 15” speakers to move as much air as the SVT-810E!And they simply wouldn’t be able to respond to transient peaks as quickly as the tens.

The Infinite Baffle design of these sealed enclosures produces vast amounts of tightly focused bass.

The harmonically rich sound and legendary performance of the Ampeg SVT are redefined in the SVT Classic 300W tube bass amplifier head, which delivers 300 Watts of quality, reliability and tonal flexibility.

Ampeg enclosures have been setting the standard in bass tone for decades, and your Ampeg SVT-810E bass cabinet is no exception.

There's a reason Ampeg decided to go with eight separate 10" speakers: sonic efficiency.

Ampeg learned that 15" or 18" speakers don't dish out the same sonic effectiveness as 10" speakers do, and the eight 10" speakers in your SVT-810E respond to transient peaks more quickly than larger speakers.

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