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Last October, in response to the outrage provoked by "structuring" cases in which the government took people's money because their bank deposits were too small, the IRS said it would no longer do that unless there was evidence that the money came from an illegal source.

In March the Justice Department announced a similar policy for seizures based on structuring, which entails making deposits of less than ,000 with the intent of evading bank reporting requirements. And I've read through the affidavit and the associated documents.

Bangladesh and Hungary identified five areas of cooperation to revive their historic relations and boost up economic ties in future as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Hungarian counterpart Victor Orban held official talks at Kossuth Square.

computer networks have been repeatedly and successfully hacked in a series of cyber-attacks to infiltrate sensitive internal information, including by Chinese-developed malicious software”.

Yet both the IRS and the DOJ are continuing to pursue the forfeiture of 7,000 that belongs to Lyndon Mc Lellan, the owner of a convenience store in rural North Carolina, based on nothing but suspicion of structuring. There's no allegation of illegal activity, other than the act of structuring...

As in other structuring cases, Mc Lellan lost his money because of well-intentioned but bad advice from a bank teller. attorney, asked Koskinen about the seizure: Holding: Are you saying that under the new policy, you have to aver that we have probable cause to believe an illegal act is taking place other than the act of structuring? Koskiken: If that case exists, it's not following the policy. notes that the rationale for filing seizure documents under seal is to avoid tipping off the owner, lest he take his money and run.

The RBA has since issued a statement admitting to detecting attacks but has classified them as mere “virus attacks”.

Here's what the RBA had to say: “As reported in today's media, the Bank has on occasion been the target of cyber attacks.

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