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The competition circuit is the speed dating of the architectural world. In some whale and plankton kind of way, these sites and competitions must function as advertising in the traditional sense as architects email each website mention to their entire client base as if it were somehow equivalent to sending signed monographs as indicators of accomplishment. Meanwhile, the pressure to hook up continues without interruption or mercy.

New competitions raise new hopes the next one is going to work.

They’re just in-tune with the world (and if they love you like you love them, they’ll be in tune with you).

For example, if you’re upset at all and maybe you’re just not in the mood to show your feelings to your architect, they will probably still pick up on it.

Lonely architects upload photos of how they want to be seen, and hope someone will fancy them. There’s many traps for clients in this dating business. Sometimes both sides simply can’t admit they need each other.

Despite wanting their love, some architects are only in it for the short term. Speaking of neediness, this past week, DEZEEN has been harassing me to vote for them so they can win a Webby award.

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The style somehow is unnoticeable—unless you’re in love with the architect and noticing everything about them—because it’s so effortless. Architects are trained in spatial relationships, how different physical environments affect one another, and how we can use the natural world—these things that grow all around us—as usable materials to build structures to keep us safe. They’re like actors in that sense, but instead of responding to feelings in a moment in time, they respond to everything else. Even if they don’t write because they excel more at expressing themselves visually, they’ll tell you what they think of Roth, of Susan Sontag, or Woody Allen.They like to watch the relationship develop between the birds, the trees, the deer, and us.They love going to a state park for the afternoon, hiking, and bird watching.During the movie you’d hold hands, and when a tense moment arrived in the story with Italian lovers who have not seen each other in years, your architect would look at you ironically and say, “Tough situation.” You’ll fall a little in love with them at this moment in time. Since they are innately interested in the use of space, it makes sense that they love nature.They love to notice that a certain species of tree grows in a particular place because of the way the sun hits the earth at that angle.

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