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If there is enough we will make a special edition of it to print it in; but don't make too much noise about it, we don't want that Decatur Herald getting in on this." For seven weeks, every hour I could spare was spent looking into County Court House records; into the records at the Church, school and town hall here in Sainte Marie; talking to people who didn't want to be bothered, scraping moss from old tombstones in the cemetery, wading through old musty books and newspapers, getting black looks from my husband who thought there should be roast chicken and custard pies on the table, instead of old books, papers, scrap paper and worn down pencils. It did make a fine story when it was put into a special edition in The Newton Press. 4-H leader names not on record at the Home Bureau office: Mrs. All the tired days, all the digging, all the head- aches and black looks were forgotten when Ye editor said to me "Mrs. Bernadette Reis, leader 19; Miss Patricia Reis, 1952, Club, Mothers Helpers. Officers for 1962 are: President, Linda Kocher; vice-president, Cathy Helregel; secretary, Sheryl Kocher; recrea- tion leaders, Peggy Helregel and Brenda Kocher; song leader, Janet Kocher, and County Federation delegates, Mary Ellen Kocher and Sheryl Kocher.

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1837 77 7, 3 7^ Quasquicentennial _ZZ^/ ^ /sr * ^^ £i/ ' 1962 Sainte Marie, Saint Mary's Church and Sainte Marie Township DEAR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS: This summer of 1962 over Labor Day week-end, Sept. The operator, Blanche Chapman was a protege of a daughter of the Picquets, settlers of Sainte Marie, and I told her about finding the clipping, and how our town and Church were coming into their 125th birth- day. Well, I thought I could, my mind on a column per- haps six or eight inches long. I remarked something should be written up and sent in to the county paper. That evening, her week's work finished, Blanche packed a bag, got into her car, drove to Evansville, Ind., to see Mrs. Rudd remarked: "Well, Blanche, we will just go up into the garret and see what we can find on Sainte Marie's History". On Monday morning Blanche came into my house carrying a huge shopping bag, crammed to the top with old books, newspapers, bits of written history and old pictures, no less than a million words. Game was abundant and the timber swarmed with the honey- bee. The latter was systematically hunted, and the honey brought into the store by the wagon-load. Picquet put up the first steam sawmill in the county, buying the machinery second-hand but little-used near Vincennes. The Hartrichs' were millers, (that is grinders of grain in their home-land in France) and they knew all about making flour and meal. This was the first steam grist mill in all this region and attracted patronage from an area of 40 miles away.

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