Dating mitchell 308 reel

The Mitchell Reels 300 Pro offers three sizes in their new line – the 300 Pro, the 308 Pro and the 310 Pro.

Every one of the three sizes actualizes 10 metal rollers for an exceptionally smooth operation.

The body and rotor are touted as being extremely rigid, but there is still flex evident under pressure when squeezed or twisted.

This flex is most noticeable in the rotor, and along the stem of the reel between the main body and reel foot.

In a matter of seconds before ICAST 2013 started, myself and whatever is left of the Tackle Tour group each got one of Mitchell reels most up to date reels, the Mitchell reels 308 PRO.

Likewise offered in a littler 308 and 310 size, these reels search exceptionally encouraging for the financial backing disapproved of a fisher.

Granted, this won't be an issue for bass or lighter saltwater fishing, but under a heavy drag setting it may affect your cranking power a bit.

The 300 PRO was spooled up with 20lb Sufix braided line, and mounted on a sweet old black CUS-DX68M Shimano Cumara spinning rod.

Getting back to the body, the polymeric body and rotor are neither super lightweight nor extremely rigid.

At 9.9 ounces there are other similarly-sized reels on the market that weigh in with less heft.

Also offered in a smaller 308 and 310 size, these reels look very promising for the budget-minded angler. The matte black composite polymeric body and rotor looks very stealthy and has a smooth, soft feel to it similar to the soft touch reel seats you find on the market.

Armed with this new reel that magically showed up on my doorstep, it was a no-brainer that a full review had to be done! Along with a dark green spool and accents, it all combines for a great looking package overall.

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