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Eli Klovski has been selected for this quarter’s Moderator Spotlight as he is an enthusiastic, supportive and caring moderator.Eli is a moderator for FIN (Finance), FIN Asset Accounting, FIN Controlling, FIN Financial, Supply Chain Management FIN Treasury Public Sector.

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package com.journaldev.spring.model; import javax.persistence.

For any database connection related issues, either put the database driver in container lib or include that in dependencies. Table; /** * Entity bean with JPA annotations * Hibernate provides JPA implementation * @author pankaj * */ @Entity @Table(name="PERSON") public class Person CREATE TABLE `Person` ( `id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `country` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=Inno DB AUTO_INCREMENT=1 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; package com.journaldev.spring.dao; import

We need to plugin spring framework in our web application, that is done by configuring Spring framework Most of the part is boiler plate code, most important part is the spring context file location where we will configure our spring beans and services.

Notice that in my pom.xml, there is no database driver.

That works for me because I have My SQL driver in tomcat lib directory and some Data Source connections configured with it.

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